Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Twincest + Br00klyn Queenz

The Twincest Fuckotash launch on Sunday night was incredible. So many amazing ladies performing and the crowd were the best bunch of babes. Oh! 
Br00klyn Queenz who I wrote about in my last post were BABETOWN in their Edgeley ensembles I made, shades of pink, mesh, spandex, sequins, heart cut-outs, heart sequins Their's is a style of DJing I have never witnessed before! Let's just say, I had to go outside for air. HOT
Twincest performing are INCREDIBLE, sorry for shouting but these girls have skills! It was the launch of their EP Fuckotash, which you should go buy HERE. 'I Got One' is the single which is happily stuck in my head. 
The darling Daniel Oh took these photos, visit his blog HERE

Saturday, 13 July 2013


I'm only listening to girl duo DJs in the shop today.
Bro00klyn Queenz listen HERE

Next up, long time favourites the Broken Hearts, it's their Jazz fm show I listen to for a weekly fix. Listen HERE (it's a bit of a navigation test to get to the on demand section but well worth it).

Last but not least TWINCEST! they have a new single out (I Got One) AND they are launching their EP at the Old Bar next Sunday 21st July. Mixtape HERE

Twincest (above) in their Edgeley custom Sequin Silhouette Catsuits.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Keaton Trousers

I love a bit of androgynous dressing, its so sexy to me. Maybe it's my penchant for old fashioned dyke styling. Anyway, I knew I wanted to make some super traditional masculine pleat front tailored trousers for the winter collection. It wasn't until after I'd made them that I went back and found all my favourite reference images. Here are a few.
Lauren Bacall, Katharine Hepburn, Diane Keaton, Marlene Dietrich, Janelle Monae, all know how to don a pair of trousers with feminine charm. 

Though it's women like author Raddclyfe Hall (above) and entertainer Gladys Bentley (below) who really blow me away. 

I'm wearing my new trousers with crepe soled brothel creepers, a skivvy and a knitted waistcoat.
Keaton trousers are on the rack and ready for sale now in my shop Edgeley.  

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Wicked Women Wednesday

Jordan, the original and the best, of Viv's Sex Shop fame. See also Amyl Nitrate in the film Jubilee.
Flo-Jo, fast lady, long nails, lycra luminary. 
Nina Hagen + banana. Healthy afternoon snack. *Swoon*

Ummmm, take it away Grace.
A few of my favourite inspirational google images atm. 

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

TDH Shard Boots

Meet my new boots, they are a sample pair given to me by the generous and truly fabulous Terry de Havilland. I love them so so so so much. 
So I designed and made a catsuit, just to compliment my new Shard boots. 
Thank you Liz and Terry! XXXX
The gorgeous de Havillands have a Pop-Up shop in London at the moment. 
It's at 8 Ganton Street, W1F 7QP 

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Twincest X Edgeley

Yes! Twincest came to visit me and I made them sequined Edgeley catsuits with love heart asses! 
That's my drawing I did of them ^, which Laura and Hayley high teched up for me. 
Most darlingest customers <3 p="">

Above photo by Bella Ann Townes of Twincest performing, (support act) for Kitty Daisy & Lewis Sydney show. 

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Metal Couture new work

WLG brought this new ring in to show me yesterday. It's the one pictured in the top right hand corner. It is huge, and beautiful. I think the middle stone is a tourmaline, with pavé set black diamonds covering  the oxidised silver boarder. White diamonds are set on all four edges of the ring too! 
The other two rings are our wedding rings. 
Go visit WLG in his new city store, Metal Couturier, Shop 48, Royal Arcade 335 Bourke St. Vic. 3000.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Camp Elsewhere

So I went to Camp Elsewhere. We slept in a van, which was pretty comfy, WLG makes a good campsite companion. I was convinced to go mainly because Mojo Juju and also the Sugar Fed Leopards were playing, and it was enchanting, absolutely! Camp Elsewhere WINS!!! Even despite the fact that it rained quite a bit, hence it was muddy and pretty cold.
I was completely confused as to what to wear to attend a music festival in the winter... Drawing above is what I settled on. I borrowed some real furs, a long-ish jacket and a massive stole, after trying in vain to find some high heeled gumboots I unearthed  my old trusty black patent leather high heeled Dr Martens, on zee body I wore an Edgeley maroon velvet catsuit (with thermal underwear underneath) matching tassel earrings, cashmere fingerless gloves made out of old jumpers, and the biggest hair I could muster in the drizzle. 

Mojo Juju blew us away, as usual, Sugar Fed Leopards were divine (Stephanie Brett is a genius), I'd never seen Puta Madre Brothers before and they were hilarious and brilliant, I'd never heard of Delaney Davidson before and now I am a complete convert, all by himself on stage, making a huge and beautiful sound, Richie 1250 & the Brides of Christ ("Walk the Whippet" is still in my head), Gasoline Stew and the Dump (anyone who wears a wig back to front and brushed over their face whilst playing petrol cans as drums is good in my book) oh and there were so many more!

Camp Elsewhere THANK YOU!

Did I mention there was a powder room where you could get your hair set, your make up done and/or your nails painted?!?! Argh THE BEST

Hoop Fighter II

Marawa the Amazing and House of Hot Breath have joined forces to create Hoop Fighter 2, tell me this doesn't make you happy?!?!  Were you hanging out in Video Game Arcades in 1992...?
Game Over Marawa Wins
Oh there's some custom made Edgeley pieces I made for Marawa in there too! YEAY Double WIN!!

Tuesday, 14 May 2013


 I've gone completely mad for kimono, or I think the shorter ones are called haori. On a weekend in Tasmania recently I bought a beautiful 1960s haori/kimono in black decorated with pastel metallic chrysanthemums. After a bit of trial and error I've settled on wearing it belted, as a dress. I feel so chic!  Naturally I then did a little trawl of eBay and acquired two more short black ones, slight variations. Also gorgeous. Then I purchased the above kimono. It's the most intense bright ultra purple blue colour. It hangs off my body like a dream. I was going to wear it as a dressing gown but it's just too divine to cook porridge in.
 The ebay purchase, fresh off the boat from Japan, worn with elastic belt and an Edgeley wool mini dress underneath.
 The original 1960s chrysanthemum, perfect for watching Cabaret on a Friday night, worn with over the knee socks and a Metal Couture choker.

I rediscovered this book on my bookshelf and started reading it again, (an in depth deconstruction of the history of the kimono by Liza Dalby).

 Saturday night kimono wearing called for these YSL stilettos to be pulled out of storage. The old purple enamelled lips!

Please excuse the shameless selfies.