Thursday, 2 October 2014

IDOL by Daniel Cumbo

IDOL - Daniel Cumbo from FRED HATES FASHION on Vimeo.

IDOL by Daniel Cumbo the absolute darling and extremely clever, talented designer who was also involved in the Fred Hates Fashion event. This is his film. I love it, and the music too, it's stuck in my head.

Monday, 29 September 2014


SHOW STOPPER ~ Melbourne Fringe.
Went to see this on Friday night.
It made me scream my lungs out.
Hot boys, high heels, what more could you want?

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

1800-FABULOUS the mixtape

I made a mixtape of all the music that influenced my latest collection, which I have optimistically named 1800-FABULOUS.
Listen to it here
Photo by Hinny Tran, models Zelia Rose and Charlotte Webb
Edgeley X Tusler will be available soon! 

Saturday, 6 September 2014

I WOKE UP LIKE THIS - Edgeley X Tusler


Finally our film has landed!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you to everyone involved, what a feat.

Starring Charlotte Webb & Zelia Rose

Directed by May Tusler

Producer Dani Boudville
Cinematography Simon Walsh
1st Assistant Camera - Jensen Cope
Art Director - Rennie Watson

Designers Alice Edgeley & Hanna Tusler

Jewellery William L Griffiths Metal Couture
Shoes Preston Zly

Makeup Liz Sharp, Joel Gionis, Taryn Gionis
Hair Steffi Tanian
Assistant Danni Brookes
Grip Dave Silvester
Photographer Hinny Tran
Graphics Kelly Walsh
Colour Grade Marden Dean

Music Congo Tardis #1 - Sweet Lime (FT Marawa the Amazing) - [Scattermusic] buy HERE or available via

Note* the book Minty reads is Fashion Miscellany by Amber Butchart

The Edgeley collection will be available instore at the end of Sept. though you can come in and pre-order /view the samples anytime. The Tusler bag and belt collection is in store now. Each item is either a one off colour or limited so get in quick.

Fred Hates Fashion- Edgeley X Tusler- backstage

Phew, what a week! I'm still recovering from the Fred Hates Fashion event where Hanna (Tusler) and I debuted our Spring/Summer collection.
This is backstage when all the models are killing time. It was such a huge day and I met some really excellent people. Daniel Cumbo, who's label is IDOL was an absolute darling and I love, love, love his work.

Photos by Calvin Cropley

Friday, 15 August 2014

Edgeley X Tusler at Fred Hates Fashion

Hanna Tusler and I have collaborated on a Spring/Summer 2014/15 collection and will be showing it on 30th August at Fred Hates Fashion for Melbourne Spring Fashion Week.
FHF is an amalgamation of fashion film and runway, showing 8 designers in one evening. This is a first for Edgeley and Tusler so we will be beside ourselves with excitement/nerves until it's done and dusted!

Our is going to be nothing like this (Gareth Pugh film by Ruth Hogben) but I thought this was a good fashion film to get you in the mood. Actually I hope our film is going to be more camp, more silly, more kitsch LIKE THIS.

Read more about Fred Hates Fashion HERE
Buy tickets HERE
Email me if you want a discount code

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

My Roots My Style!

Shomara Roosblad, of brilliant style blog, My Roots My Style! wrote to ask me if I'd like to be interviewed. I'm not particularly interested in explaining my work but talking about my wardrobe/style influences, that's another matter entirely! I love reading about other women's style, their make-up routines, their recommendations so I was probably rather too eager to blab about myself. I visited my parents house to hunt through old photos and drawings and came back with boxes full. Thankfully Shomara gave me a five fashion moment limit and you can read the edit HERE

I'd also recommend reading Amber Butchart's and Marawa the Amazing's 

Photo by Eryca Green was taken in preparation for Edgeley X Tusler Spring/Summer 2014/15 show. Stay tuned

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Tanzer at Dr. Sketchy

Here are the results of my trip to Dr. Sketchy's art class. This was my first visit to a Dr' sketchy event and I had the best time. I love drawing a live model, I usually draw to illustrate a clothing design, they're pretty static and a very repetitive style I've come to rely on. 

 To loosen up I like to draw one using my left hand (I'm right handed), see above. Ha ha! 
Tanzer was the performer, model, muse for the event. It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of Tanzer and she wore the black sequined catsuit I made her which looked super la Dolce Vita I thought.

Read more about Tanzer HERE

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Dance & Death and Mr. Sketchy's with Tanzer

Look out for a couple of Edgeley ensembles flying about stage and sketchbook this weekend. 
Saturday night 28th June, at the new performance/bar/hotspot Grant Street, will be an evening of dance curated by the outrageously talented and gorgeous Holly Durant (pictured below). Flatteringly, Holly asked me to contribute a costume, I can't wait to see what everyone is doing. 

Book tickets HERE or I'm sure you can just show up on the night.

On Sunday afternoon (such a civilised time) 3.30- 6pm Tanzer (diva, goddess,see below) will perform at Dr. Sketchy's 8th birthday celebrations at The Toff in Town. Then you are encouraged to draw/sketch her! Delightful, I've been having a drawing renaissance lately so I will be sure to take my pens and pencils. 

Read more/book tickets HERE

Photo of Tanzer by Kimberley Camilleri

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Marawa, Jungle Disco, Hoola Hoop, LED, Amazing

MARAWA by marawa

My dear friend Marawa executing some serious discotheque hoop technique wearing Jungle Baby (private circus custom collection) Edgeley, ha ha! What a combination hey
Watch more from her Quality novelty series where she collects all the maddest baddest bestest noodle head performers and presents them for your amusement and amazement!


If you'd like to order a custom made costume for a performance or event, email me

marawatheamazing .com