Tuesday, 24 February 2009

A..London we go hard

At  Christopher Kane we made some new clothes for next winter.

Mmmm cashmere suit. Give it to me.

My job as seamstress for C. Kane, I can't believe it but I made this dress. My little fingers in collaboration with my friend the sewing machine.

The Stam athletic/cocktail drinking dress. 

Crushed velvet shoes on their feet.

I so want these strappy shoes.

This is me by the end of the day. Like 4 hours sleep in about the same amount of days. At club Jalouse trying to disco with M, Tim and Adonis and the Kane crew. Delirious

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  1. We have a major crush on the ..... 'crushed velvet' and of course Alice. Sexy legs :-) xoxoxoxox