Sunday, 1 March 2009

I love Cher I can't help it

I so love these 1971 prostitutes in NY how big can a girls head be? Never too big I guess.

In a magical land a long time before Christina Aguilera there was a man called Bob Mackie who spent days and nights creating functional outfits for a little sprite called Cher. Everyone was happy and played in the pink mist on white ponies, not dirrty at all.

However,  a few years later she ran away on a motorcycle and became a slut. I have chosen not to enclose any picture evidence of this. Though she did look hot.

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  1. Cher is amazing... Not only to look at - I can't help but be drawn to the manly undertone in her 'voice'. Look at her body, her face, that glittery hair. AMAZING.