Sunday, 29 March 2009


Ok what do I love this week, hmmm?

1. I love Karis. I was lucky enough to meet this devine specimen and her/his/her darling sister the other weekend at Duckie in Vauxhall I missed the performance but found a gorgeous ad she did for Philips and a Scissor Sisters music video at  

2. Jazmine Sullivan - Fearless. I can't get enough of this lady at the moment. 
Big up Jazmine Sullivan!

3. Well Paulito is back in Melbourne for some unknown reason but he is representing florals with particular style. 
I love you Paulito come back!

4. Magnolia trees in flower. 
Printemps j'adore.
5. This book: The Queen of Fashion by Caroline Weber about Marie Antoinette.
  Just finished reading it. Some good descriptions and analysis of her wardrobe and it's effect/reflection on the events during her lifetime. I'd like to read the memoir of her hairdresser, Leonard and one by her dressmaker Rose Bertin too. I found the Antonia Fraser Biography (that the Sophia Coppola film was based on) a little indulgent when I read that last year . I'd like some more dirt on the biggest haired woman in history so I'll  keep reading.  
6. Big hair, it's the way to go. It makes you look skinnier and creates a fantastic silhouette.

7. So you'll need HAIRSPRAY. I know John Meatball Marnel and I made that hole in the ozone layer over the southern hemisphere. Why do you think I moved to England? Spread it out a little. My favorite is Tresemme Freeze hold. I do like a little Silhouette Super hold occasionally too. Years of research. Years. 

8. Deleting things: 
-numbers from my phone
-friends from facebook
-music from i tunes

9. Staying at Marawa's Soho Square apartment and having breakfast with her and Lolo at Maison Bertaux. Sitting outside in the sunshine listening to Jasmine Sullivan on her i phone. Heaven.
10. My laptop. Thank-you Mr. Yamaguchi you are kind. 
(She's called Kimberly after a notorious female rapper)


  1. Oh what a great love list! I am definitely also a big fan of hair. I stupidly straightened it on the weekend and feel naked. Paulito looks GREAT in his floral leggings, if only I could pull off such a look.

  2. took london kids to the boatshed today...charming..then just saw your blog with cafe pick and shut my eyes and dreamed of a day-real soon when the time machine was the norm
    and cheap