Sunday, 17 May 2009

Hot list for the week yo

1. Dressing top to toe in navy, with red lipstick. My navy cashmere sweater knotted around my shoulders is my favorite fashion accessory at the moment. 

2. A tea party at Wamp House on a sunny afternoon.

3. Painting your nails like Smarties and taking macaroons to Granny's house. 

4. Blossom trees in Hackney and when the petals blow off in the wind and you feel like its confetti. 

5. Le Gateau Chocolat, the most beautiful deep voice wrapped up in a whole lotta hair, lashes and lycra pronounced this useful cooking tip to me- put Baileys in your porridge. Well I have put Baileys in my hot chocolate but this is taking decadence to a new level. 

Love Alice xxxx


  1. Number 1 takes me back to when you were 17, however without the bronze lipstick! Love the macaroons and gorgeous nails.

  2. nails should match both shirt and food!