Sunday, 26 July 2009


My life has become so much more exciting since I've decided to embrace my ginge and dye my hair sunset orange.

What's Hot?
1. Dressing like a 90's gay/boyband/raver/future thug
2. The photo booth at Christopher Kane's amazing birthday party
3. Adams arrival on british soil on the 31st of july!
4. Cutting up my underwear
5. Ebay!!! Hello basketball mesh Moschino Shirt!!!
6. Getting pissy during the day (sorry marawa!)
7. Lookin more mixed raced that evz
8. Alice's lace catsuit. PURE HOTNESS TIMES 5000
9. Alice's revelation that you can actually put a zip in the front of a catsuit! Super sexy
10. Foxy Brown. I still love her more than any other female on the planet


1 comment:

  1. i love redheads
    photograph that mesh moschino
    i will arrive the start of fashion week
    get ready
    miss you doll face paulie