Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Christopher Kane = Madness

Halleluliah it's over! Jeeez alot of late nights with the Kane team and I'm sick of the sight of my sewing machine. The Christopher Kane SS 10 show- pastels, gingham, training bras, pleats, corsets, port-holes.

Joan Collins came! That's all I care about. Respect Joan I love you. William said she looked real pretty. Someone overheard her praising the show by saying it was ....white trash! Ha ha ha

Sultry Lara we love her. I altered a dress for her to wear to Downing Street for the London Fashion week opening dinner sometime last week. She's a doll.

My favorite model Dorothea. I'm so glad she was in the show she's such a little minx. She came dressed in a lycra unitard with a crushed velvet jacket. Little pistol on a chain necklace. The girl got style.

Dorothea Barth Jorgensen + Christopher Kane = Perfection
Alice + Christopher Kane = Tired! xxxx

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