Saturday, 10 October 2009

Terry De Havilland + Double Wig + Alice = Trouble

So I wasn't going out, a cold, a trip the next morning. I made myself a new white lycra mini dress, then a glass of wine and Nasir and Paulie are dressing me up all stupid. It was so funny.

Terry De Havilland the shoe master made me a pair of red snakeskin boots. My feet now lead me into trouble.

When I got home my wig wouldn't come off and bobby pins were flying all over the landing. The next day Dinx (my house mate) had made a collage on the table. Hint hint I think.
Love Alice


  1. Those boots are to die for. You are so lucky! Bring them with you when you come! And the aqua ones.

  2. WOW! Lucky U! Incredible...I'm huge Terry de Havilland fan. I have got a vintage platform from Terry (if you have a mood, check this: but I need more more more....must have pieces! ;-)


  3. oh look i only just realised id been graced by a comment from you! thank you . i doo love your blog i just discovered that too. oh the wonders and delayed surprises of the computer! he he.xxxx