Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Photo Booth

Christopher Kane's birthday party last friday night was so much fun I am still tired. The cherry on top was the photo booth. Who knew we were such a bunch of posers that this would be the best party novelty ever?
Love Alice, Leanne, Adonis, Jorjia, Amanda & Paulito

Sunday, 26 July 2009


My life has become so much more exciting since I've decided to embrace my ginge and dye my hair sunset orange.

What's Hot?
1. Dressing like a 90's gay/boyband/raver/future thug
2. The photo booth at Christopher Kane's amazing birthday party
3. Adams arrival on british soil on the 31st of july!
4. Cutting up my underwear
5. Ebay!!! Hello basketball mesh Moschino Shirt!!!
6. Getting pissy during the day (sorry marawa!)
7. Lookin more mixed raced that evz
8. Alice's lace catsuit. PURE HOTNESS TIMES 5000
9. Alice's revelation that you can actually put a zip in the front of a catsuit! Super sexy
10. Foxy Brown. I still love her more than any other female on the planet



Another wonderful find from Dalston Market! Wore my jamaica singlet for the occasion. Earned some well deserved respect from the Jamaicans i bought this flag from.
Love Paulo (Hot Wuk) Cordero

Monday, 20 July 2009

La Cicciolina

I love this woman. I recently edited the Wikipedia biography about La Cicciolina for William when he said he hadn't heard of her. Now I share this knowledge with you.
Love Alice

Anna Ilona Staller was born 26 november 1951 in Budapest, Hungary. 
Ilona Staller also known by her stage name Cicciolina, is a Hungarian-born Italian porn-star and occasional singer turned politician, and the first hardcore performer in the world to be elected to a democratic parliament. She became famous around the world for flashing her breasts in public.
Naturalized by marriage and settled in Italy, she met pornographer Riccardo Schicchi in the early 1970s, and, beginning in 1973, achieved fame with a radio show called "Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?" (French for "Do You Want to Sleep with Me?") on Radio Luna. For that program she adopted the name "La Cicciolina," which translates from the Italian as "The Little Fleshy One.
Although she appeared in several films from 1970, she made her debut under her own name in 1975 with La liceale, whose U.S. title was The Teasers, playing Monica, a lesbian classmate of Gloria Guida. .

Staller married American sculptor Jeff Koons in 1991. Koons produced sculptures and paintings of the couple having sex, which were exhibited under the title "Made In Heaven." The marriage broke up in 1992, and their son Ludwig was born shortly afterwards. Staller left the US with the child, and a lengthy custody battle ensued. Koons won custody in 1998 but Ludwig remains with Staller in Italy.

Political career- In 1979 Staller was presented as candidate to the Italian Parliament from the "Lista del Sole," Italy's first Green Party. In 1985 she switched to the Partito Radicale, campaigning against nuclear energy and NATO membership, for human rights, and against world hunger. She was elected to the Italian parliament in 1987, with 20,000 votes.
She continues to be active in politics, advocating a safe future without nuclear energy and with absolute sexual freedom, including the right to sex in prisons. She is against all forms of violence, the death penalty, and the use of animals for fur or scientific experimentation. She is for the decriminalization of drugs, against censorship of any kind, in favor of sex education in schools, and for objective information about AIDS. She has proposed a tax on automobiles to reduce the damages of smog and fund the defence of nature.

Musical career- During her career, Staller has recorded several songs, mostly from her live performances. The songs almost always deal with sex.
Cicciolina's most famous song is Muscolo Rosso, a song entirely dedicated to il cazzo, which means "the prick" in Italian. Because of its extensive use of swear words, she could never release it in Italy, but it became a hit in other countries, especially in France, where the French did not grasp the meaning of the lyrics.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Good bye geek chic. Hello hussy!

I don't know what happened, a little while ago all I wanted to do was dress preppy. Checked shirts, jumpers tied around my shoulders, brogues, you get the picture. I'd been neglecting my wild side to say the least. Then I bleached my fringe and since then it's been smooth transition. Now it's the return of the hussy.
Hoochie grunge girl circa 1992 with a dash of high voltage glamour.
Bride of Frankenstein for hair and make-up inspiration
Poison Ivy from the band the Cramps
& Laura Dern's character Lula in the David Lynch film Wild at Heart.

Wild xxx Alice

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Richard Nicoll & Christian Louboutin aqua suede heels

Sometimes you miss a man so much you dress up in high heels and high-cut knickers and walk up and down the stairs until the carpet is threadbare and he is back where he belongs.
Drawing by Alice (absent man played by William L.G.)

Sunday, 5 July 2009