Wednesday, 15 September 2010


Carmen Miranda, if ever you thought a few more accessories were a good idea, yes is the answer, more, more! You can see from Ms. Miranda's example that it definitely makes you a happier person.

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  1. We gotta get goin', where we're goin', what are we gonna do?
    We're on our way to somewhere, the three of us and you
    What'll we see there, who will be there, what'll be the big surprise?
    There may be caballeros with dark and flashing eyes

    I'll take the train (I'll take the train)
    You take a boat (well I take the boat)
    I'll take a plane (I'll take the plane)
    You ride the goat (well I ride the goat)
    Oh, we don't care, we'll either walk or climb
    But we'll get there and we're gonna have a happy time!