Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Wedding Bells

It was sweetheart Kelly Diamond Doyle's wedding last weekend. We all trouped down the Great Ocean road to some secluded little retreat to witness the nuptials and the best brides maid speech ever.
We all got to pick the bird we wanted BBQed for our dinner, William was hungry and wanted two.

Kelly's little boy Arki was THE COOLEST MC ever and a very dedicated bar man for the evening. 
It was a raining quite heavily, which is good luck for the wedded pair but kinda chilly for the party. Luckily I have been stashing an orange 1960s rain coat in my wardrobe for the last 6 years. Finally it came in handy and matches my Dr. Seuss hat too.

Meatball wore a tartan bow-tie and looked dashing and irresistible, especially to a certain Derek..
This is the infamous Miss Ali Hall aka Pam Power (onetime blog special guest writer) and giver of the best and most hilarious wedding speech in history.
J & G no it's not Jilbert and George but it is the cutest pair of outfits.

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