Friday, 17 December 2010

What's in your make-up bag?

I have always been fascinated by what's in other people's make-up bags, so please write and tell me if you have any special revelations about what's in yours. Mine starts with my treasured Betseyville bag, inside are some paints and potions which I will not start my day without. 
1. I always start with concealer, mine is an Estee lauder one so tired looking it refused to be photographed. 
2. Black sooty eyeliner is next, I have used Rimmel Jet Black soft kajal since high school. 
3. I set my eyeliner with the darkest brown eyeshadow from Lancome followed by a black shadow for extra black eye.
4. I used to leave it at this but lately I've been adding a frosted bronzy mushroom shadow on the outer edge of the bottom lash line with a sort brush. I hope this achieves a blended sultry look.
5. Mascara! Lash Architect by L'Oreal in Blackest Black, cake that on.
6. White eyeshadow is what I apply just under my eyebrow on my brow bone as a highlighter.
7. I love dark eyebrows so Shu Uemura eyebrow pencil in Seal Brown is used to draw on the brows I should have been born with.
8. MAC Cubic satin blusher is for me as I have no natural rosiness.  
9. Red lips are the most sophisticated way to go. MAC, Lady Danger is fluro red but I can't just use one lipstick, I always blend colours. Lancome, Glamorama is a vibrant pinky red and mixes so well with Lady Danger. 
10. I finish with a lip liner to make sure the shape of my lip is as perfect as possible, MAC Boldly bare for day and Illamasqua, Spell for fluro red night-lines. 
I hope you are as obsessed with maquillage as I am, otherwise skip this post. 

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