Monday, 24 January 2011

List of good things

I just had an unpleasant telephone call from a certain person who shall remain nameless. Towels on the bed, oh my! Flabbergasted, I think I will compose a hot list to cheer myself up.
1. My puppy Rupert.
2. The pale apricot colour paint I finally decided on for my shop.
3. My shop. I'm going to have a shop! I am so excited and nervous.
4. Nick Cave, I am having a retrospective. Henry's Dream is on the turntable.
5. A specially made coffee every morning.
6. Table cloths at home.
7. Sparkling Rosé of an evening
8. Bicycle rides in a short pleated skirt.
9. Gay Carnival Day picnicking.
10. Anna Dello Russo, we can't have too many women like this in the world.

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