Thursday, 21 April 2011

List of good things

1. Paulie's new coloured hair dye obsession. Think salmon, then ultra violet, next radio active...?
2. Homosexuals, gays, lesbians, transgendered people, get involved
3. Mixing lipsticks. I can never apply just one lipstick I always have to put another, quite different shade on top. I think the colour always looks better that way.
4. Interns, where would the fashion industry be without them. It's great to teach students new tricks of the trade too. Very rewarding.
5. Floozy Whats-its
6. Men who go to the barbers
7. My bird skull necklace that Mr. Griffiths gave me. I wear it everyday.
8. The Brothers Grim, Cash Savage and Mojo Juju at the Tote on Good Friday night. Said James Grim, "You know you want to"
9. A motorcycle ride with your man on a sunny morning.
10. A tea party planned for Easter Sunday and Piroska baking up delicacies of all kinds. Even an Ukrainian painted egg centre piece planned for the table!

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