Monday, 16 May 2011

Books to read

I am just rearranging the bookshelf, due to excessive weight it had collapsed. I thought I might share some of my old favorites, in case anyone is looking for a suggestion to read on cold autumn nights.
Boy George, Take It Like A Man, self explanatory really. 
 I adore Evelyn Waugh, maybe I'll re-read this now...
 Roddy Doyle wrote the Commitments, his books are brilliantly funny, I couldn't recommend them more.
 I think I read this whilst performing my job as a door b*#ch at Alia. Jacqueline Susann wrote this whole book all about her poodle Josephine. I loved it so much, it may be what started me on my quest for a poodle of my own.
Tom Robbins also wrote Skinny Legs And All, which is my favorite novel of his. It is, amongst other things, about a can o' beans, a dirty sock, spoon, painted stick and a conch shell travelling across America. I don't have a copy of that one so this stands as a second in line. 

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