Monday, 1 August 2011

The Broken Hearts

I've been wanting to do a post on these divine creatures for ages. The Broken Hearts describe themselves as "predominantly DJs, both live and on radio" but the list goes on, and the fact that they dress like matching carnival dolls FULL-TIME is just the icing on the cupcake. I'm adding them to my Women of Sartorial Inspiration list.

OK now if you don't know about these darlings research away.
The Broken Hearts blog diary courtesy of WeKnowWhatYouDidLastNight and see proof of their never ending matching/co-ordinating wardrobes.
The Broken Hearts website complete with illustrations by the dashing Rob Flowers
The Broken Hearts host a radio program called Peppermint Candy on Jazz FM in the UK but you can stream it. I love it, the English traffic reports make me happy too.

Oh Amber, Nisha thank you for being such a glorious delight! I think it's my favorite reason for respecting someone's dress sense. NOT AFRAID TO LOOK STUPID. Hooray for that!

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