Thursday, 15 September 2011

Cocktail vs Beetle

Piroska is off this weekend for a party in Hobart, and needless to say she required a new dress. I conjured up a black silk shantung bustier dress. Its heavily boned, the boobs look a little deflated in the photo because the mannequin isn't endowed as well as Piroska.

The necklace, also specially made, by WLG of Metal Couture is made up of baroque swirls, chains, beetle claws and animal skeleton in oxidised silver with a shiny green beetle center piece set in resin. 

Knock 'em dead kid.


  1. lordy I hope she has security.. hobart watch out! Alice you better start selling a mini can of mace with these..

  2. omg i want this! it is soo beautiful! xx bellla