Monday, 5 September 2011

New Versus hand-baggy!

So, while I was "working" the other day, I stumbled across this Versus hand-bag on ebay. I've been trying to find myself a new handbag and I've been stumped as to what I want. No hand bag in the world seems to suit my look.

  • The satchel? Too preppy
  • The slouchy bag? Too hippy sloppy bogan
  • The Doctor? Too up-tight
  • The Hermes copy? Too Olsen
I did want a teeny-tiny Chanel bag but that's way more evening and I have a million small clutches, completely aside from the price factor, (mind you I would accept one as a gift).
Now, thank you to a certain WLG, this will be arriving in the mail soon and it will fit heaps of crap in it, and, matched with a wiggly poodle, some huge round shades and a bouffant hair-do, I'll feel perfectly futuristicly Bride of Frankenstein, lady-like.
Thank-you kind Sir!

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