Wednesday, 30 November 2011

More o' Marawa

Marawa 'The Amazing' - skipping from Rollo Jackson on Vimeo.

If you have ever seen Marawa flick a skipping rope around you will recognise this feeling of awe.
Do you have hair envy? Well I have been blessed with some lovely curly type hair which I back-comb and hairspray so it is as big as possible. I've always wanted massive hair. Marawa has huge hair, that's not the only reason I love her! Some girls have a blog called Urban Bush Babes and have done a fantastic interview with Marawa about her hair. Read it HERE

Saturday, 26 November 2011

HEIRS, Hunter

Heirs - Hunter from Heirs on Vimeo.
Remember how I posted about this amazing band Heirs? If not see HERE.
Well bass player, Laura Bradfield is wearing an Edgeley ensemble (Chastity shirt, Celia pleated skirt) in their new music video for the song Hunter.
Doesn't she look divine?
I think I might send her the Mary Crucifix dress.
As it happens the hypnotising projections are by Kit Webster who did the projection in my shop for the Gertrude Street Projection Festival.
Brent Stegeman who plays guitar in the band is also the man behind my beautiful website and upcoming online shop!!!!!

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Bill Cunningham New York

Oh what a joy! I went to see this last night and I am truly inspired to dress up to the nines everyday. Bill Cunningham is a street style photographer, fashion photographer and a man with a fantastic grasp on the reality of fashion in everyday life. I love fashion. The end

Thursday, 17 November 2011


This is a brilliant David Lynch film, Wild at Heart, I think it may be my all time favorite. Isabella Rossellini plays Perdita Durango and I love her make-up, her look in this. I've been doing my own version of this face all week, darkest eyebrows, peachy-yellow eye shaddow up to eyebrow, cat eye black eyeliner, all inside water-line and bright red-orange Lady Danger lipstick by MAC. Strong.
I do recommend the book this film was based on The Story of Sailor and Lula by Barry Gifford. Gold

Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Why hadn't I seen this film before? I really can't explain, but now I have and I must sing it's praises. All anyone needed to tell me was that Quentin Crisp was playing Queen Elizabeth I and I would have been sold. Didn't Christopher (Kane) reference this film for his A/W 08 collection when I worked there? This all points in the direction of, if you haven't seen this film RUSH to the video shop and rent a copy.
Also now I want a wolfhound.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Edgeley Summer Collection

 So here's the new collection for summer. I've sent this everyone on my mailing list, if you'd like to join it please go to my website
The wonderful Brent Stegeman is building an on-line store which will open in the next couple of weeks, so you needn't even leave the house to purchase something you fancy!
I am always happy to see people in the shop and I love to make garments specially to measure if you can't find something to fit. 
The print which has been used throughout the collection was taken from a piece of artwork by Melbourne artist Andrew Hennig.

Photography, Jo Duck 
Volta Models, Tess Walker and Casey L Hone
Hair and Make-up, Lou McLaren
Jewellery and style consultant, William Griffiths Metal Couture
Website, Brent Stegeman
Poodle, Rupert Von Strudel
Thank you also to Paul Cordero (pattern master), Sophie Kollo (millinery), Narelle Desmond (graphic design) and Rose Chong

Tuesday, 8 November 2011


 Can I chose a boyfriend for the Edgeley girl, and can he wear this brand? Please?
 This is the new collection from PAGEANT A/W 2012. 
Melbourne duo Kate Reynolds and Amanda Cumming are the brains and imagination behind this new and completely unparalleled menswear label. 
Watch-out world...

 I wrote about their first collection HERE


Saturday, 5 November 2011

Edgeley Summer 2011-12

Oooooh! First photos of the Edgeley summer collection! 
Thank-you for all your hard work
Paul Cordero for your master pattern cutting 
Jo Duck photography
Lou McLaren hair and make-up
Volta Models Tess Walker and Casey L Hone
William Griffiths belt buckles and style consultant

The Lovebirds

I have been working so hard getting the new summer collection finished that I've barely been left work or home. The other Friday night though, feeling adventurous, I ventured out in my high heels to see The Lovebirds, creation of cabaret super vixen Simoncee Page Jones. As you can see I was happy to be out, I even ordered an espresso martini! I hope they perform this somewhere else again soon I'd like another fix. Maybe the Butterfly club?