Monday, 28 February 2011

Reporting on the state of our Rupert

I have to report about my darling little puppy Rupert, William gave him to me for Christmas and I am thoroughly obsessed.
Baby poodle with Auntie Sophie after a ride in the car
Can you see Rupert's head popping out of the basket on the front of the bike?
Even the sexy boys cuddle Rupert and then the sun shines on them.

I love this, Jess is the hottest costume designer/dance machine around, and Rupert is licking her like there's no tomorrow. 

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Slice supreme

Hmmm, a florentine slice from Fatto a Mano bakery (Gertrude street). I
don't advise trying to eat a whole one yourself, you may give yourself
diabetes, so share it with someone special.

Friday, 11 February 2011


Marawa dear Marawa, bring on the Koringa. Go to Blackpool if you can ,
because coming soon, is the amazing, the astonishing, the amusing, it's
worth going just to stretch your smiling muscles, bare your teeth,
it's MARAWA!
Photo courtesy of Her Majesty, Jo Duck

Excuses, excuses

I must apologise for not writing more often, my computer is dead. Also I will be opening a little shop on Gertrude Street, in Fitzroy soon, so I am quite run off my feet. I'm in the middle of creating a collection of ladies garments to go in the shop. Piroska is making hats for me and I've started making bags too! I'll be having an opening bash so if you'd like to come e-mail me and I'll put you on the invitation list.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Gender Ambiguity

I watched the new Hercules and Love Affair video "My House" and was reminded of my favorite teen crush Ya Kid K. *Sigh* girl/boi, such a favorite of mine. A woman sporting a moustache is just the hight of sexy, and a swagger! *Swoon* Then I saw this JD Samson video and I was so happy.