Wednesday, 14 November 2012


This is my favorite song at the moment. 
Clairy Browne & the Bangin' Rackettes really do it for me

Wednesday, 7 November 2012


So I'm not posting much, I don't really have the time what with Edgeley, the new Metal Couture shop, life and Instagram. These are some examples of what goes on on Instagram for me. 
 Some new Preston Zly shoes. Took me a while to pay them off by now they're mine, all mine.
 Our stairwell 
 One of the new designs which will be going into Metal Couture 2 shop in the Royal Arcade, Melbourne. 'Till death do we part' ring by WLG
 My friend Jess has some bangin tattoos. This is my favorite. 
 New chair getting tested out by Rupert. 
 This is what's commonly known as a #selfie. My Diane Keaton look, sans chaussure. 
You can find me at

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Moi Moi

 I discovered this old faux fur coat at my parents house recently. It has gold chain belt loops!
 Next door at Rose Chong Costumes they are always dressing up. Its mind boggling. I love it. This is Hannah, she's dressed up as a Native American Voodoo Bride.

 Versace shirt. LOVE 
 Terry de Havilland, Zia platforms. LOVE
When WLG and I went to Auckland for his retrospective exhibition, I naturally made myself a maroon velvet catsuit for the trip. 

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Friday, 21 September 2012

Kid Creole & the Coconuts

 Kid Creole and the Coconuts are having a revival at my house lately. Latin, Caribbean, and brass band, Cab Calloway kinda influences, zoot suits, pencil thin/ pencilled in, moustaches, choreographed dancing Coconut girls in bikinis, what more could you ask for really!?!
 I named this band as one of my influences for the spring/summer Edgeley Collection. It always makes me feel like drinking cocktails on a yacht. 
 How could you not love an album titled "In Praise or Older Women and Other Crimes"? 

These are some songs I found on you-tube

Tusler Bags

 There is this really beautiful girl who works on Gertrude street, I used to see her and admire her style and her dedication to one amazing shade of bright orange/red lipstick. As it turned out, Hanna Tusler is a friend of a friend, and she hand crafts a range of leather bags, purses, wallets and belts. Now I'm lucky enough to stock a selection of Tusler originals at Edgeley

 Read more about Tusler bags HERE

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Get Dressed Up

 As if I needed another reason to fiddle around on the internet I've taken to Pintrest like a duck to water. 
I'm not interested in the product shots, fonts, hideous motivational quotes or photos of food, but there are some fantastic old photographs of costumes, advertisements, old fashion magazine spreads etc. These are a few of my recent favorites. (Marchesa Casati above) 
 Dolores Del Rio "Journey into Fear" 1943
 Miss Topsy 1968
 Guy Bourdin

Thursday, 30 August 2012

TEK TEK Ensemble

Oh Tek Tek, how happy you make me! I am brainstorming my outfit already. 
Tek Tek are having an album launch Saturday 8th at Russian House (which is a lovely old Victoria building on Greeves St Fitzroy) you can book in for a Caribbean feast before hand too. Wear comfortable but fantastic shoes as dancing is a sure thing.
Click HERE to see one of their music videos.
Also their website is rather snappy if you'd like more information about the ensemble, see HERE

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Women in Hip Hop

I've got to say, I'm really disillusioned with the current rappers and women of hip hop who have nothing to say. I find it really disappointing, I mean is that as far as you can go? Is there not a more creative narrative? Tell me something I don't know, please. Get with it ladies. Show the way

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Kara Baker Sale

Kara Baker is having a sale so I though I'd share the invite as I think her clothes are marvellous, and I'd definitely recommend popping down for a peak. Kara Baker is a supremely sophisticated Melbourne designer, she sells to order from her salon and the cut and finish on her garments is impeccable.
Have a look at her website HERE and be sure to flick through the archive section it's amazing.

Friday, 17 August 2012

EDGELEY Spring/Summer 2012-13

So this is the latest Edgeley collection I've made for Spring/Summer, available in store at the beginning of September, from Alice 

Photography- Jo Duck
Hair and MUA- Fiona Middleton
Model- Grace Anderson
Jewellery- Metal Couture
Location- Amelia Shaw Cocktail Bar

Tuesday, 14 August 2012


If you needed any more proof that our William is a truly brilliant man well Philip Einwick and Simone Ling made this beautifully delicate and faintly eerie film showing some of his recent work.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Spots on Broken Hearts

I recently made the gorgeous DJing duo the Broken Hearts matching dresses. I designed them in the style of my Edgeley silhouette dress. This dress usually has a heart on the bum but I changed that to one half of a broken heart, one for each dress. I'm so happy with how gorgeous they look in their outfits, I adore their graphic/comic style and am very proud to have them wear one of my designs!

You can always order your own custom made Edgeley dress, just send me an email ( or come and visit the shop.

The fabulous photographer, Anthony Lycett took the shot of Amber and Nisha in their dresses (above). Below that is the drawing from my sketch book.

I've drawn the Broken Hearts before, see HERE.

Read more about the Broken Hearts HERE

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

M.I.A. - Bad Girls

Yeah M.I.A. I like to file my nails while I drift in my beamer too! Sheeeeesh.
Synchronised burnouts
I actually think this is the best music video I've ever seen.

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Retrospective- William Llewellyn Griffiths

Calling all New Zealanders and anyone else hanging out in or around Auckland!
William Llewellyn Griffiths of Metal Couture, is having a Retrospective exhibition at the Independant Saints gallery, Auckland.

If you'd like to know more about William and his fascinating life and career, he just finished a four part journal for the fabulous jewellery shop E.G.Etal (a Metal Couture stockists in Melbourne).
Read part 1. of the journal  HERE

Visit Metal Couture HERE

Visit the Independent Saints gallery HERE

Come to the exhibition opening 6-8pm 1st August (it runs until 23rd August)
56b Brown Street, Ponsonby
Auckland, 1021 New Zealand