Saturday, 21 January 2012

Advanced Style and other blogs

This is a trailer for a film which came from one of my favourite blogs, Advanced Style. Most of the time its the women more advanced in age whose style is more advanced in flair, glamour and individuality. What a breath of fresh air is this, no dull 16 year old eyes here, no victimised waifs of 18. Thank you.

Oh another blog I love is Into The Gloss, make-up and skincare junkies beware. I love the Topshelf sections where you get photos inside peoples bathroom cabinets and make-up stash, then a long ramble of them talking about all their favourite products. My dream come true!

Miss Athénes, is a great blog, not only so I can see what my friend Mariaflora has been up to, but her gorgeously romantic, punk, goth, super stylish exploits and friends are captured on her lomo camera to perfection.

The Peak of Chic is a charmingly written interior decoration blog. Right up my alley, quite old fashion style in a grown up, intelligent, bold use of colour, kind of way. Great pictures from old magazines and books.

What are your favorite blogs? Please recommend some new ones for me to discover.
xx Miss E

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