Saturday, 31 March 2012

Singing Lady Artists, songs for the week

I've been listening to these all ladies sing this week. Some classics, and some local Australian girls, Stella Angelico and Kira Puru. These girls can really sing and they write songs to send chills up your spine. Pure GOLD. Love 'em all

Kira Puru and the Bruise, When All Your Love is Not Enough

Bette Midler, In these Shoes

Ella Fitzgerald, Puttin' on the Ritz

LaVern Baker, Saved

Stella Angelico and the Switch, Mister


Are you happy yet?

Marawa the Amazing

Friday, 30 March 2012


 These pictures are the fruits of my beautiful friend Maria Flora's creativity. Mariaflora and I used to work together in London and she was a blast, simultaneously wrangling manufacturing factories whilst painting her nails. Now straight outta Athénes Mariaflora and Olivia bring their romantic, esoteric, almost tribal designs printed on all manner of garments. I'm just so in love with the image above. Maori chin art never looked so delicate.

Mariaflora also has the amazing blog, Miss Athénes, I wish she would come and photograph my life and make it look that cool, click HERE to see it.

Visit the ΣΟΜΦ website HERE

Photos by Kostas Avgoulis
Make-up by Vivia Katsari
Hair by Christos Vourlis

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Evidently... John Cooper Clarke

This looks to be a good watch. I saw John Cooper Clarke read a poem, do a reading, perform a poem, whatever you call it, it was not like anything I'd seen before. Hit you in the face brilliance. What fantastic hair. A poem called TWAT

Monday, 26 March 2012

EDGELEY Winter 2012

Elvira meets the girls from Clueless and they all go behind the shelter sheds with the bad girl Sharpies and smoke menthol cigarettes
Sharpie wool jumper, Dionne mini skirt
Veronica long-sleeved t, Heather wool skirt
 Angelica wool jersey mini dress/skivvy and Dionne checked mini skirt
 Angelica rust and black wool jersey dress and massive WLG belt
 Elvira dress (wool jersey), massive WLG belt
 Voom leopard silhouette dress!
 Pale blue fake fur Kim coat
 Teal velvet Thea dress with almond silk Ruff
Black velvet catsuit and powder blue Ruff with crucifix.

This is the new collection for Edgeley, I'm putting the first load of garments on the racks today. 
Feel free to email me any questions about the collection, when specific items will be in-store, sizes, prices etc.
Look at it again on the Edgeley website HERE
LIKE Edgeley on Facebook for more regular updates and interactions ;)
Read this lovely article in Broadsheet about the new collection HERE
Watch the video to Kool Thing by Sonic Youth HERE

Friday, 23 March 2012

Buttoned up

 Here is the ensemble I dreamed up for the Upcycling project, a Silhouette dress from fabric lying around, buttons thanks to Rose Chong Costumes' odd button collection. The lovely Aleisha Witson came in and helped my sewing buttons and glueing them to sunglasses and shoes, and she also made the dangly earrings out of lots of my old keyrings, paper clips and odd trinkets. On the far left is a leather design by Berri Drum and in the middle a Julia De Ville creation.
A Jenny Bannister design on the right. Go-go!
 I must give thanks to the Pearly Kings and Queens for inspiration here!

Monday, 19 March 2012

Edgeley Upcycling at the Hasti Bala

This Wednesday night I'll be showing one of my creations, made from recycled fabrics, and second hand haberdashery and trinkets, found at flea markets, garage sales, op-shops all over the world and hopefully looking like a brand spanking new ensemble.

There are lots of other fantastic designers showing off their Upcycling skills on the night too including  Jenny Banister, Gwendolynne & Richard Nylon, Ess Laboratory, and OTT by Lia T.

Come down if you like, the Hasti Bala bar is worth the trip just on its own, upstairs at the Carlton on Bourke St 6-9pm.

See on Facebook HERE

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Stella Angelico and the Switch

The first time I witnessed the awesomeness that is Stella Angelico was at Rice Queen and I knew it was love. Stella sings my kinda music, man-eating music, soul, lounge, music to wear heels to bed to.
Watch the video and if you're in town, pull out your sequined onesie and come to the Toff in Town for her EP launch. I'll see you there xx
Get tickets HERE

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Gyaru doll eye make-up

I recently went to Hong Kong, which was great. All those neon signs hanging over the streets (I love neon) escalators instead of foot paths and delicious food. 
My favorite shop happened to be Sa Sa, a make up emporium. It stocks all kinds of brands including this Japanese brand Dolly Wink, which I became obsessed with. This girl, Tsubasa Masuwaka is staring out from all of the packaging making funny doll expressions. I looked up how to do this style of drawing yourself a completely new eye shape. 
Click HERE to watch. Amazing!

All this reminded me of the truly fabulous model Peggy Moffitt, who also drew herself quite a new eye. What a doll!

Then I found this more emo doll girl, Hirari Ikeda on Tokyo Fashion blog, see HERE for more of this shoot. Cute and creepy!