Monday, 26 March 2012

EDGELEY Winter 2012

Elvira meets the girls from Clueless and they all go behind the shelter sheds with the bad girl Sharpies and smoke menthol cigarettes
Sharpie wool jumper, Dionne mini skirt
Veronica long-sleeved t, Heather wool skirt
 Angelica wool jersey mini dress/skivvy and Dionne checked mini skirt
 Angelica rust and black wool jersey dress and massive WLG belt
 Elvira dress (wool jersey), massive WLG belt
 Voom leopard silhouette dress!
 Pale blue fake fur Kim coat
 Teal velvet Thea dress with almond silk Ruff
Black velvet catsuit and powder blue Ruff with crucifix.

This is the new collection for Edgeley, I'm putting the first load of garments on the racks today. 
Feel free to email me any questions about the collection, when specific items will be in-store, sizes, prices etc.
Look at it again on the Edgeley website HERE
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Read this lovely article in Broadsheet about the new collection HERE
Watch the video to Kool Thing by Sonic Youth HERE

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