Saturday, 3 March 2012

Gyaru doll eye make-up

I recently went to Hong Kong, which was great. All those neon signs hanging over the streets (I love neon) escalators instead of foot paths and delicious food. 
My favorite shop happened to be Sa Sa, a make up emporium. It stocks all kinds of brands including this Japanese brand Dolly Wink, which I became obsessed with. This girl, Tsubasa Masuwaka is staring out from all of the packaging making funny doll expressions. I looked up how to do this style of drawing yourself a completely new eye shape. 
Click HERE to watch. Amazing!

All this reminded me of the truly fabulous model Peggy Moffitt, who also drew herself quite a new eye. What a doll!

Then I found this more emo doll girl, Hirari Ikeda on Tokyo Fashion blog, see HERE for more of this shoot. Cute and creepy! 

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