Thursday, 14 June 2012

Die Antwoord + Harmony Korine

One of my dearest friend, Meatball, is moving to Johannesburg. I'm not sure how Die Antwoord have slipped past my attention and I only discovered them last week, when Meatball posted this in relation to his big move.
I just love Harmony Korine films, somehow they are captivating and depressing and cool all at once.
The rapper called Ninja in this crew somehow reminds me of the gangster man in the film Black Cat White Cat, when they sing the Pitbull Terrier song. MENTAL

Remember Gummo? The girl Yo Landi Vi$$er in Die Antwoord has such a similar aesthetic to Chloe Sevigny's character Dot in Gummo.
 Or Angie Bowie during the Ziggy Stardust era! Peroxide hair, shaved off eyebrows or bleached to oblivion. 

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