Friday, 24 February 2012

Drawn at work

 My father, Monsieur Peter Edgeley, drew me while I was hard at work the other day. At the sewing machine making ruffs in the studio.
These were the preliminary sketches, the top one is me and the bottom one is William at the Metal Couture jewellery bench.

Thursday, 23 February 2012


 Ok here are some photos taken with one of those stupid phone app-stomatics. No it wasn't 1973, just last week, Thailand, Koh Chang. 
 See the dolly on the alter?
 I had to borrow some jelly sandals from my mother, it seems I have no beach shoes. Who would have thought?
 Amazing wallpaper in a Bangkok hotel room. There were orange plush seats too! 
Monkey t-shirt
 Real monkey! 
<3 xxx

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Physical Medium- Deborah Griffin

Physical Medium from Gaynor Perry on Vimeo.
I did a drawing of this fantastic woman, Deborah Griffin (Fischer-Jones) during my "Homage to" series. See HERE
This is out of this world, I felt a panic attack coming on during the gauze scene,  I am transported into some spooky old photo from a Victorian occult parlour game, and I'm never coming back, back, back...

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Shoe quiz

Terry de Havilland Tweeted this fantastic look-book of his from the 70s. I love this kind of game. Which ones would you buy?
I'm getting the leopard mules to wear to the shops/camping/around the pool, the blue butterfly strappy sandals to wear to the discotheque/having cocktails/telling tall stories, and the red ones with the fluff to wear in the bedroom. 
Visit the 2012 look-book here at

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Rowland S. Howard

I highly recommend watching this film/documentary Autoluminescent about Rowland S. Howard, beautiful, gentle man, lyrics that break your heart, guitar that rips it out of your chest. Rowland of bands, the Young Charlatans, The Boys Next Door, The Birthday Party, These Immortal Souls, Crime and the City Solution. It's on i-view ABC at the moment, for Australians, but if you are anyplace else try to get this screened in your city. The Birthday Party footage is just so impressive, those tall, spiky, screeching sounds, amazing.
Here is a link to Pop Crimes a song he made as a solo artist.
Fucking brilliant.