Monday, 20 May 2013

Camp Elsewhere

So I went to Camp Elsewhere. We slept in a van, which was pretty comfy, WLG makes a good campsite companion. I was convinced to go mainly because Mojo Juju and also the Sugar Fed Leopards were playing, and it was enchanting, absolutely! Camp Elsewhere WINS!!! Even despite the fact that it rained quite a bit, hence it was muddy and pretty cold.
I was completely confused as to what to wear to attend a music festival in the winter... Drawing above is what I settled on. I borrowed some real furs, a long-ish jacket and a massive stole, after trying in vain to find some high heeled gumboots I unearthed  my old trusty black patent leather high heeled Dr Martens, on zee body I wore an Edgeley maroon velvet catsuit (with thermal underwear underneath) matching tassel earrings, cashmere fingerless gloves made out of old jumpers, and the biggest hair I could muster in the drizzle. 

Mojo Juju blew us away, as usual, Sugar Fed Leopards were divine (Stephanie Brett is a genius), I'd never seen Puta Madre Brothers before and they were hilarious and brilliant, I'd never heard of Delaney Davidson before and now I am a complete convert, all by himself on stage, making a huge and beautiful sound, Richie 1250 & the Brides of Christ ("Walk the Whippet" is still in my head), Gasoline Stew and the Dump (anyone who wears a wig back to front and brushed over their face whilst playing petrol cans as drums is good in my book) oh and there were so many more!

Camp Elsewhere THANK YOU!

Did I mention there was a powder room where you could get your hair set, your make up done and/or your nails painted?!?! Argh THE BEST

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  1. Great review Ms Edgeley. Wasn't it a magical weekend! I must confess Mojo Juju and Sugar Fed Leopards were my highlights too.