Tuesday, 14 May 2013


 I've gone completely mad for kimono, or I think the shorter ones are called haori. On a weekend in Tasmania recently I bought a beautiful 1960s haori/kimono in black decorated with pastel metallic chrysanthemums. After a bit of trial and error I've settled on wearing it belted, as a dress. I feel so chic!  Naturally I then did a little trawl of eBay and acquired two more short black ones, slight variations. Also gorgeous. Then I purchased the above kimono. It's the most intense bright ultra purple blue colour. It hangs off my body like a dream. I was going to wear it as a dressing gown but it's just too divine to cook porridge in.
 The ebay purchase, fresh off the boat from Japan, worn with elastic belt and an Edgeley wool mini dress underneath.
 The original 1960s chrysanthemum, perfect for watching Cabaret on a Friday night, worn with over the knee socks and a Metal Couture choker.

I rediscovered this book on my bookshelf and started reading it again, (an in depth deconstruction of the history of the kimono by Liza Dalby).

 Saturday night kimono wearing called for these YSL stilettos to be pulled out of storage. The old purple enamelled lips!

Please excuse the shameless selfies.

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  1. Shameless selfies excused.
    Tears of eye candy joy.

    the ALLAROUNDEVE team