Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Twincest + Br00klyn Queenz

The Twincest Fuckotash launch on Sunday night was incredible. So many amazing ladies performing and the crowd were the best bunch of babes. Oh! 
Br00klyn Queenz who I wrote about in my last post were BABETOWN in their Edgeley ensembles I made, shades of pink, mesh, spandex, sequins, heart cut-outs, heart sequins Their's is a style of DJing I have never witnessed before! Let's just say, I had to go outside for air. HOT
Twincest performing are INCREDIBLE, sorry for shouting but these girls have skills! It was the launch of their EP Fuckotash, which you should go buy HERE. 'I Got One' is the single which is happily stuck in my head. 
The darling Daniel Oh took these photos, visit his blog HERE

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