Tuesday, 27 May 2014

In the Jungle, it’s all About the Hips

Aleisha Whitson (up and coming fashion journalist) sent this to me, she'd written it for Uni in the shadow of Suzy Menkes. I think it's brilliant. Read on.

EDGELEY’s latest Autumn/Winter 2014 collection creates a stretch for warmth but true to Edgeleys name springs back to spandex. Rock n’ roll glam punk meets everyday comfort in materials for the
collection Jungle Baby. Not letting go of any sass, designs scream for those who aren’t afraid of their body contours in high definition, always with a bit of cheek and humour, with the Edgeley staple heart slapped across the bum.
Designer Alice Edgeley based in her Melbourne store (Gertrude St, Fitzroy) designs her own collection but also designs costumes for local dancers/performers. This season looks to cheetahs, leopards and kittens (cubs?) in the jungle, it seems the collection is made for survival of the fittest (body) with a large portion of spandex, fitted tops, skirts and leotards. Breaking it up with a sheer silk organza dress and a wrap viscose dress (can be worn open).
The 9th collection to come out of the Edgeley studio Jungle Baby pays homage to varied, and quite entertaining muses from Poison Ivy, from American punk rock band The Cramps, the designer describes as a ‘mean machine guitarist’. A punk 80’s stage girl style with sass, inspired the Jungle Raglan Top.
Also Gloria Swanson the Hollywood actress from the 20s and 30s, and star of the film Sunset Boulevard, crazy and glamorous, she set the bar for the Gloria Turban.
Furthermore, inspiration for the Strawberry Leotard, Flo-Jo aka Florence Delorez Griffith Joyner, an American athlete, who is considered the fasted woman in the world, aka 6-inch fuchsia nails, the metallic one-legged leotards that she designed herself and named "athletic negligees." Flo-Jo’s’ glam, spandex look crossed with the all girl pop music group Josie and the Pussycats, who toured the world getting involved in mysteries.
Edgeley holds a punk 80’s party girl aesthetic, with a bit of classic elegance in the fit, the designer Alice was previously head seamstress for Christopher Kane in London. Edgeley, completes all garments in store (quaint studio separated by curtain in shop) and takes pride in her sewing, with beautifully finished pieces. The range saw orange, pink, black, gold creating a pop jungle, rather than the lush green you’d imagine in a real jungle, baby. The usual statement Edgeley fabrics of velvets, crushed and stretch, ‘high quality spandex’ pairing with pieces of viscose, pure silk organza and wool to break to up the palate added a more breathable, comfortable touch.
Edgeleys collection covering tops,skirts, dresses and leotards leaves the legs and body cold for the winter months, but as the winter nights inside kick on, it’s all about the hips.
As always true to her fruitful nature of design, she incorporates her own personal style of elegant glam, pink patch hair, and that of her loyal companion, Rupert the little black poodle.


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