Thursday, 26 June 2014

Dance & Death and Mr. Sketchy's with Tanzer

Look out for a couple of Edgeley ensembles flying about stage and sketchbook this weekend. 
Saturday night 28th June, at the new performance/bar/hotspot Grant Street, will be an evening of dance curated by the outrageously talented and gorgeous Holly Durant (pictured below). Flatteringly, Holly asked me to contribute a costume, I can't wait to see what everyone is doing. 

Book tickets HERE or I'm sure you can just show up on the night.

On Sunday afternoon (such a civilised time) 3.30- 6pm Tanzer (diva, goddess,see below) will perform at Dr. Sketchy's 8th birthday celebrations at The Toff in Town. Then you are encouraged to draw/sketch her! Delightful, I've been having a drawing renaissance lately so I will be sure to take my pens and pencils. 

Read more/book tickets HERE

Photo of Tanzer by Kimberley Camilleri

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Marawa, Jungle Disco, Hoola Hoop, LED, Amazing

MARAWA by marawa

My dear friend Marawa executing some serious discotheque hoop technique wearing Jungle Baby (private circus custom collection) Edgeley, ha ha! What a combination hey
Watch more from her Quality novelty series where she collects all the maddest baddest bestest noodle head performers and presents them for your amusement and amazement!


If you'd like to order a custom made costume for a performance or event, email me

marawatheamazing .com