Friday, 15 August 2014

Edgeley X Tusler at Fred Hates Fashion

Hanna Tusler and I have collaborated on a Spring/Summer 2014/15 collection and will be showing it on 30th August at Fred Hates Fashion for Melbourne Spring Fashion Week.
FHF is an amalgamation of fashion film and runway, showing 8 designers in one evening. This is a first for Edgeley and Tusler so we will be beside ourselves with excitement/nerves until it's done and dusted!

Our is going to be nothing like this (Gareth Pugh film by Ruth Hogben) but I thought this was a good fashion film to get you in the mood. Actually I hope our film is going to be more camp, more silly, more kitsch LIKE THIS.

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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

My Roots My Style!

Shomara Roosblad, of brilliant style blog, My Roots My Style! wrote to ask me if I'd like to be interviewed. I'm not particularly interested in explaining my work but talking about my wardrobe/style influences, that's another matter entirely! I love reading about other women's style, their make-up routines, their recommendations so I was probably rather too eager to blab about myself. I visited my parents house to hunt through old photos and drawings and came back with boxes full. Thankfully Shomara gave me a five fashion moment limit and you can read the edit HERE

I'd also recommend reading Amber Butchart's and Marawa the Amazing's 

Photo by Eryca Green was taken in preparation for Edgeley X Tusler Spring/Summer 2014/15 show. Stay tuned