Tuesday, 19 July 2016

The Drones at the Bakehouse Studios 25th Birthday Party

The Drones - Taman Shud @ Bakehouse Studios (16th July 2016) from Carbie Warbie on Vimeo.

A huge congratulations to Helen and Quincy and all of the Bakehouse Studios team for 25 years of music in the business! I was honoured to help celebrate on Saturday night. There was so much good music going on, the Meanies, Die Rotten Punkte, the Sugar-Fed Leopards, Will and Garret Huxley, Adalita etc. I couldn't fit it all in and had to run off home before midnight. Like Cinderella in a brown woollen catsuit, leather jacket and both high heeled boots still on! Most excitingly though I got to see the Drones and they were epic. All the more satisfying because bad ass bare foot bassist Fiona was wearing one of my Edgeley School jumpers and a Heart Bustle skirt. The deadly Harmony girls were all wearing Edgeley dresses, Gun Shy Fur and Preston Zly shoes.

Phew what a coup!

Thank you Fiona, Quinn, Amanda, Erica and Dana for the beautiful make up XXX AE

Bakehouse Studios http://bakehousestudios.com.au/

The Drones http://www.thedrones.com.au/

Bleeding Heart Dress- http://www.edgeley.com.au/bleeding-heart-dress-151.html

Grand High Witch Dress http://www.edgeley.com.au/grand-high-witch-dress-142.html

Heart Bustle Skirt http://www.edgeley.com.au/heart-bustle-skirt-153.html

Gun Shy Faux Fur Design http://www.gunshy.com.au/

Doodad & Fandango http://www.doodadandfandango.com/

Preston Zly shoes http://prestonzly.com/

Dana Leviston make up http://www.dana-leviston.com/